A selection of music that is a legacy of Mat's past musical escapades.

The Crack

  1. Phoenix 
  2. The Ballad of Maeldun 
  3. Music for a Found Harmonium 

Pondlife v3

  1. Good for You (live) 

Miracle Beats

  1. Love Is 
  2. Pain in the City 
  3. Lucky Stars 
  4. Falling for You 
  5. Lost Days (live) 

The Loafers

  1. Liza Jane 
  2. Scotch Mist 

The Two of Us

  1. Something 

The Reel Deal

  1. Women of Erin 
  2. Dirty Old Town 
  3. The Wedding 

Jig o'th Dub

  1. The Point Road 
  2. The Affair 
  3. The Cup of Tea 

Mat Williams

  1. Full English CD

The Dubbles

  1. The Dubbles