CD - ‘Full English’ - A Collection Of Traditional British Folk Songs

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Track Listing and Sample Clips

  1. Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron 
  2. John Barleycorn 
  3. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes 
  4. John Peel 
  5. The Oak And The Ash 
  6. King Henry 
  7. Scarborough Fair 
  8. The Mermaid 
  9. The Girl I Left Behind Me 
  10. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy 
  11. Two Magicians 
  12. The Lincolnshire Poacher 
  13. The Derby Ram 
  14. Wild Rover 
  15. Ages Of Man 

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In September 2011 I received an e-mail from Mike Wilbury to see if I would be interested in putting together some folk songs for him. I had already met and worked with Mike on two albums of nursery rhymes, ‘The Nursery Rhyme Collection’ and ‘The Nursery Rhyme Collection 2’ also on his German version. Mike asked me to compile some traditional songs for use in his European education website and I liked the idea so I started researching the songs and recording my own demo versions to send to him. It soon became clear that these songs should also be made into an album for a worldwide market and instead of just recording some guitar/vocal arrangements I should find some quality musicians to collaborate with for the project.

The first obvious choice was Dicky Deegan, the piper and whistle player. I had played in a folk band with him in the mid 1990's, and we had roughly kept in touch ever since. The uilleann pipes are my favourite instrument and I just knew that Dicky would be perfect for the job. Once Dicky was on board I contacted Gerard Byrne to come and play bodhran. We had played together some years back and one of my fondest memories of him was him playing in my wedding procession down a lovely old cobbled street in my hometown - what a great day! The final key-player was easy, Ian Watts and I have collaborated on many different projects over the years and his many talents were well known to me.

Recording started in November 2011 and by early 2012 we had the makings of a fine album. ‘Full English’ is a humorous title, as although the songs are nearly all English, the style and instrumentation was very Irish and one or two of the songs are from the Scottish borders. What I wanted to create was an album of English songs with the flair and feel of music more normally associated with Irish folk. Hopefully we have achieved this and if the album is enjoyed anywhere near as much as I have enjoyed getting it together then it will indeed be a great success.