Briony - Solstice

‘Buy Now’ for £8 including postage and packing.

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my page on dad's website. Dad and I have been working on this music for a couple of years now along with the wonderful Mike and Sina Doering. Originally these songs were put together to help me raise funds for a trip to India (which was fantastic by the way) and I would like to thank anyone who bought the demo album 'Indian Summer'.

Since then we have been working on two new songs and have spruced up and remixed the other songs to make a bigger and better album called Solstice. Please have a listen to the clips of the songs from the album and if you would like to buy it for £8 including postage and packaging it would be very much appreciated. If you would like the album sending out of the UK pleae contact us for postage costs.

I hope you like the music, thanks again for looking and please visit again to find out about things as they progress.

Briony xxx

Track Listing and Sample Excerpts

  1. Six Months excerpt 
  2. Hiatus excerpt 
  3. Guiding Light excerpt 
  4. Alice excerpt 
  5. River Eyes excerpt 
  6. Chasing Dragons excerpt 
  7. Pride and Prejudice excerpt 
  8. Flames excerpt 
  9. Trying excerpt 
  10. Woodstock Dreamer excerpt 

‘Buy Now’ for £8 including postage and packing.