Mat was born and brought up in Derbyshire where he began to learn to play the piano from an early age, before later taking up the guitar, mandolin and banjo at age eleven, and then again the fiddle in his late twenties.

Mat has always been a keen practicing singer, songwriter and performer and his early Derby-based bands included ‘Van Bedford’ and ‘Pondlife’ during the 1980's. Around this time he met and played with Simon Friend who went on to join The Levellers, they busked together and have played together ocassionally at festivals and parties.

In his mid-20's Mat was introduced to the reggae and played keyboards for ‘Natty and the Operation’ before joining ‘More About Pelicans’ at first on keyboards then later on bass guitar. He features on the album ‘Nation to Nation’ by ‘More About Pelicans’ playing keyboards and some mandolin and also on the second album ‘Sky High’ on both bass guitar and keyboard bass.

After moving to Belper Mat formed his own band ‘Pondlife’ (version two) and then joined Celtic band ‘The Crack’. ‘The Crack’ gave many high profile local performances including Derby Market Place live on BBC Radio Derby, a sell-out album launch at ‘The Guildhall’, and they headlined at the ‘Stainsby Folk Festival’. The album was called ‘To Wake the Stone’, it was played regularly on BBC Radio Derby and features Mat's songs ‘Phoenix’ and ‘The Ballad of Maeldun’.

Next came ‘Pondlife’ (version three), ‘Beats Working’, ‘Miracle Beats’ (producing an album of the same name) and ‘The Loafers’, a hard-working Irish Folk Rock band. During this time he was also playing in a covers duo ‘The Two of Us’ and then Leicester band ‘The Reel Deal’ who produced a short demonstration CD called ‘The Wedding’.

Mat then played in ‘The Woodpigeons’ and then ‘Jig O’th Dub’, a band fusing his two favourite musical styles folk and reggae.

Most recently Mat has gone back to his roots, recording the album ‘Full English’ and is continuing to perform live promoting the album.